Selenium and Vitamin E 5mg/mL, 100mL




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Directions Selenium and Vitamin E 5mg/mL, 100mL

Inject subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Weanling Calves: 1 mL per 200 pounds of body weight. Breeding Beef Cows: 1 mL per 200 pounds of body weight during the middle third of pregnancy, and 30 days before calving.

Caution Selenium and Vitamin E 5mg/mL, 100mL:

Selenium is toxic if administered in excess. A fixed dose schedule is therefore important (read package insert for each selenium-tocopherol product carefully before using).

Precautions Selenium and Vitamin E 5mg/mL, 100mL:

Selenium-Tocopherol Deficiency (STD) syndrome produces a variety and complexity of symptoms often interfering with a proper diagnosis. Even in selenium deficient areas there are other disease conditions which produce similar clinical signs. It is imperative that all these conditions be carefully considered prior to treatment of STD syndrome. Serum selenium levels, elevated SGOT, and creatine levels may serve as aids in arriving at a diagnosis of STD, when associated with other indices.


Use only the selenium-tocopherol product recommended for each species. Each formulation is designed for the species indicated to produce the maximum efficacy and safety.


Anaphylactoid reactions, some of which have been fatal, have been reported in cattle administered the MU-SE product. Signs include excitement, sweating, trembling, ataxia, respiratory distress, and cardiac dysfunction.

Use only as directed in weanling calves and breeding beef cows. Discontinue use 30 days before the treated cattle are slaughtered for human consumption.


Do not use in adult dairy cattle. Premature births and abortions have been reported in dairy cattle injected with this product during the third trimester of pregnancy.


Store between 2° and 30°C (36° and 86°F). Protect from freezing.


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