Saxenda injection

Saxenda is a prescription medication that contains the active ingredient liraglutide.




What Is Saxenda injection

Liraglutide is the active ingredient of the prescription drug Saxenda. Adults with obesity or overweight who also have at least one weight-related disease, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol, can use it to manage their weight.
The Saxenda dosage varies according to the patient’s tolerance and weight loss objectives. Usually, a modest dose is started and increased gradually over time. It’s critical that you adhere to your healthcare provider’s directions.

You can speak with your doctor about getting a weight loss shot nearby, or you can look out local clinics or medical facilities that provide weight loss treatments online.

How to Use Saxenda Injection Pen – Benefits for Saxenda

You should use the Saxenda injectable pen according to the instructions on the prescription package insert or get advice from your doctor. Usually, the drug needs to be injected subcutaneously, or beneath the skin, into your upper arm, thigh, or stomach. With every dosage, it’s crucial to switch up the injection location; avoid injecting into regions of the skin that have moles, scars, or other irregularities.

Saxenda helps lower the risk of obesity-related disorders, improve glycemic management, and encourage weight loss. When combined with a lower-calorie diet and more exercise, it has been demonstrated to help people lose weight and keep it off.Liraglutide Saxenda 6mg/Ml Injection, 40 IU/ml, Packaging Size: 1.5 ml at  Rs 10000/piece in Bengaluru


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