RED VIPER 10 ml-រូបមន្តថ្នាំជល់លក់ដាច់ជាងគេរបស់Dr.Blues




Filipino Red Viper  used  as a circumventing agent in the stimulation of the CNS. A combination of two potent analogs with several functions within the body! Quicker, more pronounced, muscle power and coordination. Helps prevent shock and sudden death due to traumatic injuries and hemorrhaging.

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Dosage & Administration:  Usual dosage is 1/10cc to 2/10cc injected in skin prior to tying knife or gaff. If injecting in breast muscle use 1/4cc prior to tying knife or gaff.

Used as a stimulant agent for central nervous system excitability. An excellent combination of two powerful metabolic compounds to perform with several functions in the chicken body. It makes muscles more agile, stronger and more coordinated. It also helps prevent shock and sudden death from trauma and bleeding. 


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