Use the same method as Extract of Nux Vomica. 

Extract of Nux Vomica is the most potent of all central nervous system stimulants. Its chemical makeup has a direct bearing in the production of energy and stamina and overall vigor to a cock’s system! It increases quickness and muscle reaction time by its chemical speed in which muscle reaction and contraction time takes place. Its makes energy available to the muscle tissues and oxygen uptake by the lungs by increasing metabolism. It stimulates the heart muscle and constricts the blood vessels to prevent the onset of shock and cardiac arrest due to massive hemorrhaging. In general, it is the perfect antidote in helping prevent rigor mortis from setting in Abruptly!

Dosage & Administration:  The usual dosage is to inject 1/4cc in breast muscle or skin in morning last 2 days of the Keep. On day of competition 1/4cc is given in breast at weight-in time or at least 1 hour prior to competition. Give 1/10cc at time of heeling or tying knife when called to compete. If initial injection has been over 5 to 6 Hours.


As a product similar to Nux Vomica extract, it should be used in a similar way.

 Nux Vomica extract is the most effective central nervous system stimulant. It increases metabolism, thus increasing energy production, increasing skeletal muscle contraction as well as heart muscle contraction more efficiently .  stronger, more resilient, more agile and more courageous. It also helps to stop bleeding by vasoconstriction, which helps chickens lose less blood, so they will not go into shock due to hypovolemia.

Dosage : The usual dose is to inject 0.25cc into the pectoralis muscle or subcutaneously on the morning of the last 2 days of the conditioning period. On competition day, inject 0.25cc into the pectoralis muscle about 1 hour before combat. If 5- 6 hours after not playing, repeat 0.1cc just before the game.


Nux Vomica Extract CNS(Central Nervous System) វា បង្កើន ការរំលាយអាហារ ការផលិត ថាមពល បង្កើន កន្ត្រាក់ សាច់ដុំ ក៏ដូចជា កន្ត្រាក់ សាច់ដុំ សាច់ដុំ បេះដូង ជាង។។ , ,___ shock ដោយ ការ ថយចុះបរិមាណឈាមឡើយ។

ចាក់ 0.25cc  5 6 0.1cc


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