Guaifenesin (Wobbler Jug) 50mg/ml 100ml




Guaifenesin Injection (Wobbler Jug) 100ml (50mg/ml) is commonly used in horses to prevent and treat ty-up.

While the exact mechanism of action for the muscle relaxant effects are not known about Guaifenesin, it is believed that it acts centrally by blocking or depressing nerve impulse transmission at the internuncial neuron level of the subcortical areas of the brain, brainstem and also the spinal cord.  Guaifenesin relaxes both the laryngeal and pharyngeal muscles, thereby allowing easier intubation.  Guaifenesin also has mild intrinsic analgesic and sedative qualities.

Guaifenesin causes an excitement-free induction and recovery from anesthesia in horses. It produces relaxation of skeletal muscles, but does not affect diaphragmatic function and has little, if any, effects on respiratory function at usual doses. Possible effects on the cardiovascular system include transient mild decreases in blood pressure and increases in cardiac rate. Gastrointestinal motility may be increased, but generally no adversity is seen with this.

Excellent product for ty-up horses.

Dosage and Administration:  Add 50ml to one liter of saline solution and administer intravenously (IV) 24-48 hours prior to event.


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