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Growth Factor 5000 PLUS is a proprietary growth factor/repair factor that is derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue and dramatically increases MGF to the damaged tissue. What makes Growth Factor  special is its unique role in muscle growth. Growth Factor has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the up-regulation of protein synthesis. This unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth.

When your horse is training, racing or eventing, he is breaking muscles down and the real growth happens when the muscle heals and cells are able to grow and increase in size.  This is where GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS can be utilized as an incredible recovery tool.  This treatment  can be used as a standalone peptide post workout, but it’s especially useful on recovery days.  By injecting 2mg (one vial) bilaterally (subcutaneously or intramuscularly) GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS will bind to receptors and actually help recover damaged muscle tissue better than IGF-1.  GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS has also shown to signal satellite cells close to the damaged muscle tissue to grow just as if they were a part of the damaged tissue cells.

This means that damaged cells are going to grow larger and faster, but also it is going to grow cells near the damaged tissue.  In simple terms, this means you’re creating new muscle tissue while recovering the already-existing muscles.  This is extremely helpful, considering that as your horse gets older, the ability to proliferate satellite cell regeneration decreases drastically.  This leads to age related muscle loss, as you aren’t able to create new muscle cells.  This is where this treatment comes in!  Mechano growth factor directly increases the availability of muscle cell production; therefore, recovery times from damaged muscle tissue are going to decrease and muscle size is, in turn, increased.

How does GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS work?

When your horse works hard, he has already been using his own MGF that his body creates.  IGF-1 is spliced due to its response to broken down muscle tissue and one of the splices produced is IGF-1Ec, better known as mechano growth factor.  Basically, MGF is a version of IGF, specifically IGF-1Ec.  MGF is an amazing variant that directly helps with the up-regulation of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.   This is why GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS is the best variant of the IGF-1 series.  After you have broken down muscle tissue (post training), you can use the peptide GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS and reap the long term benefits of its response to damaged muscle tissue, in comparison to simple MGF.  In addition, it will help him signal growth in nearby undamaged muscled cells. This gives it the unique ability to grow lagging body parts in areas where muscle growth is desired.

Doses and Usage

Using GROWTH FACTOR 5000  on cycle or off cycle, your horse is going to experience recovery that is far superior to any generic peptide available.  Just like normal peptides, remember that this treatment comes in the form of a white delicate powder that needs to be reconstituted with bacteriostatic water and kept in the refrigerator.

GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS does not need to be systematically administered because of its long half-life (several days).  Administration should be timed post-race and/or post-training or even better on recovery days when you plan on resting your horse.  Since mechano growth factor is a variant of IGF-1, you do not want to use this treatment  pre-workout because it will have to fight for position with IGF-1 as they both try to bind to the same receptor.  IGF-1 has a much stronger affinity to bind then MGF.

Rest days are the best way to get the most use out of GROWTH FACTOR 5000 PLUS, as you will have lower level of IGF-1 and the long lasting this treatment  will have the ability to run the course of the body while you focus on recovery.  By doing so, the following day your horse’s muscles will feel recovered and soreness should not be present for the next training.

Dosage and Administration:  One vial (2mg) by intramuscular injection – maximum three times per week.  Reconstitute powder with 1ml of sterile water for every 2mg vial is optimal.

Storage:  Store below 3 degrees C (REFRIGERATE), do not freeze and protect from light.

For:  Horses, Dogs and Camels.


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