ENZUM 10z,2oz Dropper




Enzum kills more species of worms at different stages of development. Feed need not be withheld prior to administering. Enzum may be used with Neobicide, by administering the Enzum one day prior to using the Neobicide.

Dosage & Administration : The usual dosage is approximately 1 drop per pound of estimated body weight. However, a few drops over the 1 drop will not harm the fowl.

Enzum kills many types of worms, living parasites on chickens at different stages of development. There is no need to restrict food before using the enzyme. Enzum can be used with Neobocide by using Enzum 1 day before using Neobicide.

Dosage: Usually 1 drop of Enzum corresponds to half a kilogram of chicken’s weight. However, a few drops in excess will not harm the chickens.


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