Buy Carbotec capsules online to make your roosters unbeatable

If you expect your rooster to dominate the fight, competition preparation is the process you should be fully committed to. As part of it, you can order Carbotec for sale to ensure your cock doesn’t lose its stamina on the Big Day. 

Dr. Blues Carbotec powder is often used instead of capsules as they are compositionally identical. However, the pills work better as they let the cock follow a diet while keeping its weight and strength.

Carbotec capsule benefits

Enriched with carbohydrates and nutrients, this is the best supplement you can feed your cock before the fight. Each Carbotec capsule is a source of valuable elements for a feathered fighter to repel energy and stamina loss on the competition day. 

Nothing amplifies the rooster’s competitive abilities better than carbs. Carbotec pills are filled with large quantities of nutritious ingredients, sufficient enough to reach and stay in the fowl’s tissues and add to smart energy distribution.

With Dr. Blues Carbotec tablets, you get an economical stamina booster suitable for fighting cocks of all ages and effective without supplementary drugs. To unlock the full potential, taking Carbotec with Super Ometol can be an option. 

Best usage practices

If you’re in the dark about how to feed your rooster with Carbotec by Dr. Blues to reach the maximum effect, follow the guide below:

  • Give your cock one daily pill for ten days before the event. 
  • Add an extra capsule in the morning of the fight day if the rooster performs in the afternoon.
  • Strengthen the morning tablet with an extra noon dose if the competition is scheduled for the evening or nighttime.

Following a vet-prescribed diet is essential for the entire training or pre-fight treatment period. 

Affordable energy boosters

If you are looking for cheap Dr. Blues Carbotec capsules, you’ve come to the right place. We can supply you with a pure power source at a reasonable price.

At Race HorseMed, you can shop for as many Carbotec capsules as you need. The supplement for roosters comes in boxes containing 100 tablets, meaning even a single order is enough to elevate your cock’s competitiveness. If you have an entire farm of roosters to prepare for fights, go for more. We will deliver them worldwide within 1-6 days.

For combined energy benefits, you can browse Race HorseMed for other cockfighting products, including tablets, injections, and powder.


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