CARBO-TEC Injectable 30ml




CARBO-TEC Injectable 30cc Vial

Carbotec Injectable is used as a last minute aid as a metabolic agent. Its purpose is to metabolize and help convert glycogen (muscle sugar) back in to glucose which is the final source of energy to the body.

When using injectable alone, give 1/2 cc in skin and 1/2 cc in breast muscle prior to heeling.

Carbotec Tablet & Injection Combination : When using together give 1 cc in breast muscle at weight in or at least 1 hour prior to competition. When 3 hour time have lapsed after injection was made, give 1/2 to 1 tablet. Repeat tablet dosage every 3 hours until cock is fought.

Carbotec injection is a metabolite used as a last resort. Its purpose is to metabolize and help convert glycogen (muscle sugar) into glucose which is the body’s ultimate source of energy.

When used alone, inject 0.5cc subcutaneously and 0.5cc into the pectoral muscle prior to competition.

Combination of tablets and injection : Inject 1cc into pectoralis muscle when weighing chicken or at least 1 hour before competition. After 3 hours after first injection, give 1/2 tablet -1 tablet. Repeat oral dose every after 3 hours.


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