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indications and application
Pain following surgery, periarticular inflammations, osteoarthitis, arthrosis, miositis, myalgias, rhabdomyolysis, laminitis, tendinitis, tendosynovitis, capsulitis, and bursitis
It reduces acute and ongoing musculoskeletal system inflammations.
Administration & Dosage:
For an adult animal weighing 500 kg, gradual endovenous delivery at a rate of 10 ml per day is the only option. Typically, a therapy will last for five days, however this can be changed if necessary to meet professional standards.


How to administer Buta-Forte

Do not administer to Animal with severe liver, heart, or kidney pathology or those who have a history of blood dyscrasia.
administer to animals with a history of allergies with prudence.
24 hours after administration, the product’s response should start to show. Treatment and diagnosis should be reevaluated if there is no noticeable improvement after 5 days of treatment.
It is necessary to administer medication tailored to the infection when inflammatory disorders are linked to infections.

Precaution For Buta-Forte

Use Restrictions: Only for use in horses used for sports.
It is prohibited to butcher animals treated with this substance for human consumption.


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