AMP INJECTION is a POTENT vasodilator, especially in cardiac tissue. In fact, it is often given to race horses and dogs before races. In competition, it is used to give bodybuilders the roadmap vascularity at 40mg on show day.




Race horse AMP 40 mg/ml injections

In horse racing, stamina and pain-free performance are vital for a racehorse’s excellent results. Shop for the cheap AMP horse injection for your equine’s fast post-exercise recovery to help them keep an intensive training tempo and cope with vigorous activities without giving up. Let your champion exercise without spasms and tying up, and be amazed by their elevated competitiveness.

Why order AMP for a race horse?

If you have a final race ahead, it’s time to help your equine do their best. Racehorse AMP is a natural vasodilator with proven effectiveness for exertion-related muscle and cardiac events. The substance primarily targets heart tissues, reducing ventricular repolarization abnormalities and improving the horse’s blood circulation. This augments the equine’s energy resources and sets them up for pain-free performance.

A stable heart rhythm and enhanced stamina aren’t the only positive effects of this injectable product. While it targets cardiac and skeletal muscles, AMP is amazing for eliminating strain and supplying valuable nutrients to the horse’s body to put off cramping. This helps your equine regain its liveliness faster and stay vigorous for a long time.

For physical symptoms besides poor blood oxygenation and circulation, race horse AMP injections are beneficial for:

  • General fatigue
  • Pain and spasms
  • Post-herpetic neuralgia

How to give it?

The AMP medication for horses comes in 40 mg/ml. An average dose for adult equines is 2.5 ml per 100 kg. You should aim for two doses for full-fledged effects. The first injection should be administered a day before your event, whereas the best time to give the second one is 4-5 hours before the final training. Unless prescribed otherwise, we recommend sticking to this dosage to improve your stallion’s performance without causing side effects.

Please note that AMP 40 mg/ml can also unlock its stamina-boosting properties for other racing animals, including camels and dogs. 

Easy-to-buy AMP injections

Whether you need one dose for a single occasion or hundreds of vials for long-term use, get premium-quality, approved medicine for your equine in a few clicks. Race horse AMP injections are for sale in unlimited quantities, so you can order in bulk. 

Would you like the vasodilator shipped with no sign of the drug? Buy AMP injections online to enjoy the benefits of anonymous worldwide delivery. We will send this medication with plain packaging, regardless of the destination country and quantity.

For your convenience, we have express delivery for urgent orders.


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