AMINOPLEX liquid 60ml Dropper-ផលិតផលថ្នាំជំនួយកំលាំងលេខ




Dosage & Administration:  Usual dosage is 6 to 8 drops in water, by mouth, or on feed – once a day during entire keep. In sick or debilitated fowl give for 10 days or until improvement is noted. When using in water – change water daily.

It is a concentrated drug in the form of drops.

Dosage: 6-8 drops/day for sick chickens or want to foster in the conditioning period, use for at least 10 days or until the chicken’s condition is completely improved. Can be mixed with food or dripped directly into the chicken’s mouth or mixed with water for chickens to drink during the day. Note that if the water mixed with medicine is left over during the day, it must be discarded.


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