Alexin 10ml, 30ml




A potent anabolic steroid with androgenic properties used as a general conditioning agent – increase red cell formation and nitrogen uptake by muscle cells – build muscle mass and density, muscle reaction time, endurance and overall physical condition.

Use in preparation to conditioning of battle fowls!

Dosage and Administration:

2/10th  cc injected in breast muscle 3 weeks prior to competition with a following up dosage of 1/10 cc one week prior to competition.

Presentation: 10 ml and 30 ml vial

Free for Single Shipment or Order ~ Dr Blues Book “The Art of Pointing Fowl”.


Theo kinh nghiệm dân nuôi gà đá Việt thường dùng theo cách sau :

Liều dùng : Chích 0.25cc một lần mỗi tuần trong giai đoạn biệt dưỡng và 0.25cc vào ngày thi đấu .


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