Odintropin 150 IU

Odintropin 150 IU’s growth and regenerative effect will allow you to get more energy to exercise. Odintropin 150 IU’s much anabolic property can also be used for transforming your body fat to muscle mass or increasing your bone density.




What is Odintropin 150 IU?
Odintropin 150 IU is an HGH contains somatropin that stimulates the growth. Also, the effects of HGH will allow you to do harder workouts.

What is Odintropin 150 IU used for?
Odintropin 150 IU’s growth and regenerative effect will allow you to get more energy to exercise. Odintropin 150 IU’s much anabolic property can also be used for transforming your body fat to muscle mass or increasing your bone density.

In principle, it can be said that growth hormone is one of the most powerful and effective anabolic and lipolytic hormones available to bodybuilders for building muscle and losing fat. No anabolic steroid comes close to the muscle-building potential of growth hormone. Regardless of whether you are an advanced bodybuilder or a professional athlete, growth hormone will have a positive effect on the muscular appearance of the body like hardly any other hormone. Bodybuilders who know how to use growth hormone will rave about the results.

What is in a box of Odintropin 150 IU?
Each package of Odintropin 150 IU contains 10 vial X 150 IU

How to use Odintropin 150 IU?
The top rule that the bodybuilder should remember when using Odintropin 150 IU is that the duration of the treatment is more important than the amount of the dosage. That means, with an HGH cure e.g. 2 IU per day for a period of six months, the bodybuilder will get better results than if higher daily doses of 4-8 IU used for 2 months. Similar to testosterone, growth hormone is an endogenous hormone that is not toxic and is suitable for very long use. In principle, one can say that the minimum duration of a growth hormone cure, especially in the muscle-building phase, should not be less than three months. A period of 6-12 months would be better using low to moderate amounts of somatropin (2-6 IU day). The longer the growth hormone is applied, the more potential is its effect on physical appearance. While there is only water retention at the beginning, the muscle-building role of the growth hormone takes control with increasing duration of use and results in a solid muscle gain that runs over many months, with a consistently good gain in strength.

For an effective daily dose, most bodybuilders are given 2-6 IU. The injection is made with an insulin needle into the abdominal wall. Those who have never used the somatotropic hormone usually start with 2 IU daily. Advanced bodybuilders who already applied growth hormone treatments with 2 I.U. per day, increase their daily dosage to 4 IU. More than 6 IU will not be necessary for daily treatment.

Ambitious bodybuilders need more HGH at most, but this always requires the simultaneous work of insulin and thyroid hormone, and therefore, the high growth hormone dosages fizzle out and only give the user unnecessary side effects. There are some users in professional bodybuilding who inject 32 IU somatropin or more daily, but it has to be said that most professionals do not use such large amounts and they usually work with 8-16 IU per day.

No matter how high the daily dose is chosen, the HGH should be injected at least twice a day for best results, since it has a very short half-life of a few hours. Ideally, it should be given in the morning directly before breakfast and again after training immediately before the after-training meal. The total daily dosage is simply halved, i.e. when you use 2 IU daily, 1 IU is injected twice a day. It is important to consume sufficient carbohydrates and plenty of easily digestible protein with these two meals, whereby the fat intake should be kept low. This supports the prompt release of insulin, which is very helpful for the growth hormone in IGF-1 formation.

The practice of some bodybuilders, injecting the growth hormone before going to bed in order to get as close as possible to the natural growth hormone release rhythm, makes little sense. Due to the lack of ingestion of food, there will be no massive IGF-1 formation at night, and therefore, injecting insulin right before sleep is out of the question. Furthermore, a growth hormone injection at night leads to a total shutdown of the body’s own growth hormone release during sleep, since the overlap in time cannot be avoided. This problem is less serious if HGH is injected early in the morning, late afternoon, or early evening. In addition, growth hormone injections just before bedtime are known to cause frequent problems with falling asleep.

Beginner: not recommended
Intermediate: 2-6 IU per day
Professional: 8-32 IU per day
Women: 2-6 IU per day
Application period: minimum of 3 months, up to 1 year


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